Trinity Pacific Church is within the mainstream of Evangelical Christian thought and beliefs.

Rooted in the Wesleyan tradition, Trinity Pacific Church is a congregation of the Church of God (Anderson).

We are also connected to the Church of God in Western Canada

They provide a summary of our basic beliefs here:

And we summarize what we believe this way:

We believe and teach:

  • That God is the Creator and Sustainer of the universe;
  • That God is good and loving and cares deeply about our planet and all who are on it;
  • That Jesus Christ is God’s unique Son whose life, death, and resurrection make it possible for human beings to have a meaningful relationship with God;
  • That followers of Jesus have the privilege to be in community with each other, sharing in worship, service, and education.
  • That we see in the Bible the many ways God makes Himself known to human beings, and how we can respond to Him in love and gratitude;
  • That as Christ followers we are not left to our own devises to muddle through, but we are helped by God’s Spirit to navigate life twists and turns.

We also believe and embrace the value of Christ followers in other Christian communities working together in a united witness to the Good News of Jesus Christ.