A Rocha

A Rocha Environmental Stewardship


“A Rocha Community Garden Network is a Christian International Environmental Organization. A Rocha’s mission is to reach the local community to engage in scientific research, environmental education and various other community conservation projects. I have had the privilege of volunteering and working there during the summers.   As Christians it is our mandate to look after God’s creation and to have dominion over it (Gen 1:26-29) and creation also reveals His Glory.”

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Many of our congregation are passionate about the work of A Rocha, whether it’s their Community Shared Agriculture project, their intern program, Leah Kostamo’s book Planted, their Community Garden Network or their many environmental projects. Our Community Garden is part of A Rocha’s Community Garden Network and we have had fun learning about canning through their education programs. For the past three years we have participated in their Good Seed Sunday (Earth Day) event.


We think A Rocha is a great fit for us and our vision!