Social Justice

“A community becomes truly and radiantly one when all its members have a sense of urgency in their mission. There are too many people in the world who have no hope. There are too many cries which go unheard. There are too many people dying in loneliness. It is when members of a community realize that they are not there simply for themselves or their own sanctification, but to welcome the gift of God, to hasten his Kingdom and to quench the thirst in parched hearts through their prayer and sacrifice, love and acts of service, that they will truly live in community.”

—Jean Vanier

At Trinity, we encourage our community to get involved in the ministries and missions that they feel most connected to and inspired by.  Many of us are passionately involved in a variety of ministries dedicated to service and social transformation. Some of these include: A Rocha Environmental Stewardship, Canadian Foundation for the Children of Haiti, International China Concern, The Migrant Workers Ministry, and Richmond’s Touchstone Family Ministries.  Even our TPC Community Garden tries to raise awareness of how we can positively impact our community through education about such topics as growing organically and creating bee friendly gardens.