Our Partner in Ministry


We share our church building and facilities with the Evangelical Formosan Church (EFC), under the leadership of Jack Lai. Our commitment to EFC is part of our conviction that it takes many great churches to impact our community. We see that the EFC is thriving and we are thrilled to support them in their work.


Here’s a link to their Facebook page:


And here is their Mission Statement:


教會異象:B.E.S.T. B:Blessing 祝福 E:Edifier 造就 S:Share 分享 T:Transform 轉化弟兄姊妹從神領受祝福,相互學習及造就成為可教導之人,在生活中彼此分享喜分擔憂,使我們的生命轉化成為更豐盛。