Jesus, quoting Isaiah 56:7 says “My house will be called a ‘house of prayer’ for all nations.” (Mark 11:17)

Prayer and Scripture need to be our continued focus as followers of Christ.

Aside from our Sunday morning service, we have three weekly opportunities to gather and focus on these things together:

Sunday  7-8 pm: Scripture & Prayer

Everyone is welcome to come to Pastor Frank’s place for a time of worship, Scripture reading and prayer.

710 East 54th Avenue, Vancouver [buzzer 7].

Cell: 604-910-2907

Wednesdays  12 – 1 pm: Midweek Meditation

Join us for a time of scripture, prayer, and reflection at Trinity Pacific Church for Midweek Midday Meditation on Wednesdays from 12 noon-1 pm.

Please join us whenever you are available, and invite others who might be interested!

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